An-Nisa Society responds to Dr Musharraf Hussain on Prevent


By An-Nisa Society

First published on 18 Feb 2016

On 11 February Dr Musharraf Hussain posted an article on his blog which he stated was a ‘spiritual response’ to Prevent, the government’s counter-terrorism strategy, and in which he singled out An-Nisa Society for its work on Prevent. In his confused piece, Dr Musharraf seems to imply that An-Nisa Society has acted in violation of Islamic guidelines by calling for the scrapping of Prevent in its robust dialogue with Brent Council. Dr Musharraf believes “that Muslims should protest little but work harder at winning the trust of the wider society by: Not having a sense of victimhood due to current events; Make less use of the term “Islamophobia” since the issue becomes desensitised”
We felt that this lack of understanding by many scholars and ‘leaders’ about what it means to be an engaged British Muslim citizen, their lack of insight into the issues that really affect us and their inability to constructively challenge government is an intrinsic part of the problem we face in the community and needed to be responded to. In our response we state:
“We believe Muslims communities should engage with the statutory sector and government with confidence and that it is not incumbent on us to accept these polices without question. Any leader that expects passive acceptance does not do justice to the British political system or British Muslim communities. Consequently they fail to understand the very nature of the grievances that makes young Muslims in particular vulnerable to charismatic and exploitative preachers and completely dismiss as irrelevant anything that comes from what they consider to be ‘sell-outs’. Young Muslim are looking for a leadership that is batting on their side, who understands the nature of the discrimination they face day in and day out and who do not accept the premise that we need to act as ‘spies’ on our own children. Our young generation deserve better from us.”

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